Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long Run FAIL

I put off my long run until today thinking if I rested all day yesterday I'd feel better. Well I felt a bit better when I woke up today so I headed out to run the Boulder Reservoir.  The run started off fine, though I was sniffling and having trouble getting in my groove. I of course tried to attribute this to just needing to get through the warm up.  Well then the knee pain started.  I was almost a lap around and I started to cry. Every thing in my body ached and I knew there was no way that I could run 12 more miles.  I think I cried more because I HATE giving up.  It makes me feel weak and like a terrible runner.

Being stubborn, instead of driving home I drove straight to the gym.  I thought about trying the treadmill but knew if I was feeling that dizzy outside when it was nice and cool with a little breeze there was no way that I would feel any better on the dreadmill.  I hopped on the elliptical instead.

I set the machine to level 6 and started running away on it.  Sixty-five minutes came and went. I was exhausted and feeling like crap, but I needed the time on my feet.  I did another 45 and called it good.  According the the elliptical I added another 11.75 miles to the 5.25 I did at the res for a total of 17 miles. 

I still feel like crap. My body is aching, my head pounding but I just knew if I didn't get this done that next weekend I'd regret it.  Next week is the tell tell run. I'll be covering 21 miles...that's 4 laps around the res.  If I can get through that run I can get through the marathon. It will help me determine what pace group I want to be in for the race and help me predict my finishing time.  It is my final dress rehearsal.  Eek.

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