Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Say What!?! Chilean Miner to Run NYC

So I was perusing the news as I always do during my lunch break where I saw this article.  My first thought was what? How is this Chilean miners who was stuck underground for months going to be ready to run a marathon. I continued reading and it said he ran 5-6 miles per day down there. Ok, that's good he stayed active, but 5-6 miles/day equals about 35-42 miles/week. Running 5-6 miles at a time and 26.2 at once is a huge difference.

I continued a littler further and saw that he listened to Elvis on his iPod. I thought to myself, eh, horrible running music, but then it came to me, how did he keep his iPod charged?  Mine barely stays charged for a week let alone two months. I haven't read all the details about what they did or did not have down there, but I just never thought an iPod charger would be one of them.
I wish him the best of luck and can't wait to see how he does.


  1. They drilled a 4-inch borehole that reached them after 17 days. They used that hole to send stuff down--food, water, clothes, basically anything that can fit in a 4-inch tube, including his iPod. Once that supply line was established, they worked on drilling the big rescue hole.

    The miners also used the tube to send stuff up such as dirty laundry and, in his case, his iPod to be recharged.

    I read that he is going to run some of the miles and walk some of the miles. He's a great inspiration to all the people, myself included, who make all sorts of excuses to avoid running!

  2. Thanks for the information. Good to know! I hope he does well. :-)